MōVI Pro Package

  • $4,280.00 AUD

Speed up your workflow in a flash.
This kit includes all the hardware you need to operate fast and efficiently with the MōVI Pro and your ARRI Alexa Mini or Red Weapon/Epic-W/Scarlet-W.

Now includes the tilt cage offsets!

Send us an email to check lead time on the package as it varies, depending on your colour choice and what's in stock!!


The following parts make up the kit:

  1. Alexa Mini/RED DSMC2 Top and Bottom Plates

  2. Quick Release Top Handle with 19 and 15mm rod holes for EVF/LCD

  3. Quick Release Bridge Plate (lightweight 15mm spacing rod holes)

  4. NEW - Tilt Cage Offsets for counter balancing large lenses

  5. Power Break Out for accessories (4 x 2 pin lemos)
    Included cables:
    - MoVI Pro ACC D tap to 2 pin to power the breakout on the MoVI
    - D tap to 2 pin to power the breakout when in Handheld/tripod mode

  6. Carbon Fibre Side Plate (to hold HD wireless TX and Wireless FF RX)
    Customised to your FIZ and HD system

  7. Wide Focus Rail Mount (80mm spacing and flat, easier to get motors in for some large lenses)

  8. MōVi Pro Power Adapter with 18" D-Tap and 36" 4 Pin XLR Cables  (power your MoVI Pro from your car battery, high output V locks, or block batteries!)

Parts are built to order and the kits are available in orange, red, green, blue and black.

Purchasing the components in the package receives a package discount and free DHL Shipping world wide