Alexa Mini and Red DSMC2 MoVI Bottom Plate - IN STOCK

  • $540.00 AUD


4 x Orange

1 x Black

2 x Blue

A lightweight and stiff bottom plate that works with the MoVI Pro and both the Red DSMC2 and Alexa Mini. The bottom plate picks up 2 x 3/8" 16 mounting screws on the Red DSMC2 for a superior connection, and the standard 4 bolts on the Alexa Mini like the MAP-1.

The plate is reversible, with holes for rail mounts at both ends, allowing flexibility of motor placement.

The plate features mounting holes on the side which allow the use of the BAP-2, MSB-1 or one of our custom carbon fibre side plates, when used with the Alexa Mini. When used with the Red Weapon and Jetpack SDI/HDMI it is compatible with our custom side plates.

The plate is CNC machined from aircraft grade 6061-T651 aluminium and hard anodised. Available in black, orange and blue.

Includes: 3 x 3/8" 16 counter sunk bolts for RED DSMC2 and 6 x M4 x 10mm SHCS for Alexa Mini

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